Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Learn More About Your Audi Transmission And Clutch Service

When it comes to your Audi car or SUV, there are many different parts involved. Whether it's a manual or an automatic, the transmission is an extremely important part that should be well maintained and serviced. The transmission adjusts the ratio between the drive wheels and engine, shifting as you go slower or faster. There are two main types of transmissions, an automatic that shifts for you and a manual that requires the driver to shift with the clutch. Whichever transmission your Audi has, you'll want to make sure that it's serviced and ready to go for many miles to come.

Service Your Transmission And Clutch With These Four Common Transmission Services

When it comes to transmission and clutch service, there are four common processes available. These include:

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

Also known as a transmission fluid flush, this service is recommended for every 60,000 to 100,000 miles and is an essential part of your transmission's health. The transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts and gears within your transmission and will eventually break down. If left unchanged, this dirty and viscous fluid will cause larger transmission issues that will cost you way more than a transmission fluid exchange.

What's the process for a transmission fluid exchange? The technician will remove the drain plug, drain the fluid, replace the fluid, inspect the drain plug, and reinsert it.

Automatic Transmission Filter And Fluid Replacement

The filter in your transmission cleans the fluid of any debris or dirt that accumulates and is sure to become dirty over time. If the filter needs to be changed, you'll want to choose the filter and fluid replacement.

What's the process for a transmission filter and fluid replacement? The technician will remove the transmission pan, replace the dirty filter, remove and replace the gasket material, reinstall the transmission pan, and perform a fluid replacement.

Manual Transmission Service

Cars that have a manual transmission need to have their fluid flushed as well. They also have an added part to deal with: the clutch. Manual transmission service is recommended every 30,000 to 60,000 miles and should include the inspection or repair of the clutch.

What's the process for a manual transmission service appointment? The technician will remove the drain plug, drain the fluid, evacuate the fluid from the clutch, replace the fluid, inspect and replace the drain plug, and inspect, repair or replace the clutch.

Complete Transmission Service

Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, you can have a complete transmission service performed. This comprehensive service appointment covers every part of the transmission and includes:

  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • Transmission filter replacement
  • Transmission sump and pan inspection
  • Transmission pan cleaning and material replacement (if needed)
  • Clutch inspection (if applicable)
  • Inspection for friction damage or metal particles

When Should I Have The Clutch Inspected?

The clutch is an important part of your manual transmission as it allows you to shift between gears as you drive. Over time, it will wear and become damaged with use. If you find that it's hard to accelerate, the clutch is sticky or spongy, or there is an odd noise whenever you shift, you'll want to schedule a clutch inspection as soon as possible.

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