Audi North Houston, a Sewell Company

No one ever refers to going to a car dealership as an "experience." Until they visit Sewell. We've spent the last 100 years perfecting the art of customer service, which has resulted in convenient, inspired services like complimentary loan cars, Saturday service, pickup and delivery of your vehicle, 24/7 roadside assistance and complimentary car washes. We listen, learn and deliver beyond the expected.

  •         Complimentary loan cars
  •         Saturday service
  •         Pickup and delivery of your vehicle
  •         24/7 roadside assistance
  •         Complimentary car washes
Customers For Life

Carl Sewell Sr. may have written the book on service, figuratively speaking, back in the early 1900s, but it took his son, Carl Sewell, decades later, to write the book on service literally. He did it in response to the untold hundreds of visitors, callers, and correspondents who asked how a car dealership, of all things, could be one of the most effective service companies in the world. The principles work in any industry - a fact that made Customers for Life an international bestseller. It is in 19 languages so far. Want to read it for yourself?

What "Obsessed with Service" Looks Like ?

A smiling associate opening the door for you and greeting you by name. Fresh flowers in the showroom. Original art on the walls. A complimentary car wash for any customer, any time. Sharp-looking associates with a spring in their step. A shop floor so clean, it looks worthy of "the 10-second rule." Shelves loaded with prestigious awards. Delegations of visitors from other companies coming to learn how we do it. And the clearest evidence of inspired service? Customers who return again and again and who spread the word about Sewell to their families and friends.