Does My Audi Car Or SUV Need A Brake Repair?

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Brake repair is one of the top routine maintenance issues that should be regularly serviced and repaired. As you drive, your Audi car or SUV uses it brakes to slow down, stop and go in Houston traffic, and stop suddenly whenever the situation arises. Not having your brakes inspected and repaired could lead to a brake failure, which could end up in an unfortunate accident.

In order to know when your brakes should be inspected, pay attention to your vehicle. If you notice one of these five signs, it's time to schedule an appointment with our Audi North Houston service center.

  1. Warning Light - Sometimes, especially in the newer Audi models, your brakes will know they need service and your Audi car will alert you that it's time for a service appointment. Don't ignore this light, as it could lead to a bigger problem.
  2. Shudder - If your Audi SUV begins to shudder or shake every time you apply the brakes, this could mean that the rotors aren't catching onto the tires and need to be replaced.
  3. Spongy Pedal - When you push the brake pedal and it goes down further than it should, you'll want to have an expert take a closer look.
  4. Squealing Sound - When your brake pads get too degraded, the calipers and rotors will rub together creating a loud squealing sound. While annoying, this issue is also dangerous and could cause even more damage if not replaced.
  5. Odd Smell - Sometimes when your brakes need service, they will begin to have an acidic or sweet smell. If you notice this continually after you use the brakes, schedule an appointment and let us check it out.
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