Audi Dashboard Lights

You're cruising along in your Audi, and you notice something new on your dashboard. One of your dashboard lights has lit up. What does it mean? Is it something you have to worry about? The answer is... it depends.

There are two types of engine warning lights: yellow ones and red ones. Red lights are the more serious of the two, and they demand immediate attention. The one light we all worry about is the Check Engine light. The check engine light can mean any number of things. In fact, you can't actually tell what the problem is just by looking at the light. How can you tell what the problem is? Our service technicians will plug a reader into your vehicle's onboard computer, and that shows what the problem is. One of the more common issues is also the easiest to fix: a loose gas cap. If your check engine light comes on, try tightening your gas cap to see if that fixes it. If the light is still on, you should schedule an appointment with our service center. If you have any more questions about your vehicle dashboard lights, our service technicians have plenty of answers. More information can be found in your owner's manual.

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