Beware of Flood-Damaged Cars for Sale


Like our fellow Houstonians, we here at Audi North Houston are still in shock over the recent devastation brought upon our hometown by Hurricane Harvey. We also understand that millions of our neighbors lost not only their homes, but their vehicles as well.

As you shop around for a replacement vehicle, we want to take this time to warn our customers throughout the area to be on the lookout for flood-damaged cars for sale, and to be wary of any deal that feels too good to be true.

While all flood-damaged cars are supposed to legally have their titles labeled as "salvaged," and many are scrapped and recycled, a good number of them find their way to used car lots. They're cleaned up, repaired, and hoisted onto unsuspecting buyers.

According to Forbes Magazine, there are several telltale signs you should be on the lookout for when it comes to separating the flood-damaged from the high-quality used cars:

  • Closely examine the vehicle's interior and engine for signs of water and corrosive dirt
  • Review the vehicle's history closely for evidence that it was in a flood
  • Check for signs that the rugs have been recently shampooed or replaced
  • Look for rusty screws that may have been underwater
  • Look under the carpets for water marks and moldy odors

Shopping for New and Pre-owned Vehicles in North Houston

Of course, one of the best ways you can protect yourself against being stuck with a flood-damaged vehicle is to shop at a dealership you trust.

Here at Audi North Houston, we're here for you in this time of need and are ready to assist you in any way we can.

When you're ready to begin shopping for your replacement vehicle, stop by and check out our collection of world-class, brand-new Audi models, or browse our extensive selection of dependable pre-owned vehicles.

Audi North Houston is here for you as we all continue our recovery together.

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